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A world class Diabetes center

This Hospital was started forty years ago by Dr. A. A. Asirvatham M.S., FRCS (Eng), after his retirement from Government service as Professor of Surgery, Madurai Medical College, Madurai and Surgeon, Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai. It was one among the few hospitals, which were there at that time started with a philanthropic and professional urge of Dr. A. A. Asirvatham. This hospital was catering to the needs of the rich and the poor since inception. It was covering a wide area from Karur, Trichy, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts apart from the local area. The hospital was the first institution to start computerization of patient details and billing system since 1990. Separate soft wares are used for Diabetic patients; Menopause patients and Computerized reports are given to them. All the patient details are in Computers for more than 1,00,000 patients. The Hospital building is a four-floored building in a very prominent location, on the main road opposite to Anna Bus Stand in North Madurai. The ground floor is dedicated to A/c patient waiting hall, Reception, Enquiry, and Four A/C consultation rooms apart from Lab services, X-Ray department, Ultrasound Colour Doppler scan room, Physiotherapy wing, Clinical Research Room, Dietary and Podiatry departments. An ECG room with 12 lead ECG (G E Company) with computerized report is also available. The fully air-conditioned theatre in the I floor is equipped with all modern equipments like Boyle’s Machines, with Anaesthetic Ventilator Multiparameter Monitor, Latest diathermy, Latest operation table, Ceiling mounted lights and all the necessary equipments including Ventilator and Digin fusa.

In the first floor, another minor and septic operation theatre and an air-conditioned labour room provided with Cardio Toco Graph (CTG) machine to monitor the minute to minute heart beat and uterine contraction during labour. A dedicated baby resuscitation unit is attached to the labour room. All floors are served by a Bed Lift and two stair cases for easy movement of ailing patients and senior citizens. Continuous un interrupted power supply is maintained by a generator, which takes the load including lift. Car park in the front and side of the building helps patients and relatives to park the cars. 50 Beds in total General ward for the poor semi private as well as private rooms with attached bathrooms as well as A/C rooms with 24 hours hot and cold water, cable TV and intercom phone connections are available for the affordable patients. Emergency/ intensive intense Medical care subserves management of acute cases. All records since inception for the part 39 years are available at any time of day on all days for allowing the doctor to have an idea of the patient down the years. Biomedical waste disposal is also done as per the norms through the Ramky Energy and Environment Ltd., Madurai. A first time India project of Patient Tracking System has been installed in this hospital and patients are kept informed about the various stations they have to attend and whether the work in those stations are over just like a flight details in an airport. Hospital has its own Pharmacy, which averts the patient’s plight of hunting for drugs and medicines.

Laboratory is equipped with ELIZA equipments as well as with Fully Automated Auto analyzer, Automated cell counter, and the lab linked with Christian Medical College, Vellore Quality control programme. The Lab is maintained by 7 qualified technicians. The X-Ray unit with revolving table allows very many desired views. The Ultra sound & Colour Doppler scan available is catering to the needs of General medicine, Cardiology, General Surgery and Obstetrics and Gynaecology with Trans Vaginal Ultrasound done by Lady sonologists help in O & G practice without any embarrassment. A small physiotherapy unit is also functioning in ground floor with all the important equipments for the welfare of all patients. The Podiatary department looks after the welfare of diabetic patients and helps in the prevention of foot problems and amputation. Varieties of MCP slippers are available ready made as well as custom made to suit all the needs of diabetic foot problem patients. We have about 300 diabetic foot cases per month, which receive advise and care during every visit. The dietary department has two qualified dieticians, who look after the supply and check the diet and counsel diet for Diabetic, Heart patients with cholesterol problems, antenatal and paediatric patients. Patient education programmes in diabetes are organized daily by dietician & social worker apart from video education programme. Diabetic patient on review is also counselled every time. Patient education meeting for pregnant patients are held regularly. Obesity clinic is run for awareness of over weight, which can be treated.

A separate conference hall exclusively for the scientific meetings, medical & paramedical education programmes as well as for the patient education programme is also available. An independent clinical research department with GCP trained personal are dedicated towards many phase II, III clinical research. This clinical research room is fortified with deep freezer, online dedicated fax, email, refrigerator, Double A/C and other equipments for world class research work. A computerized prescription is given to each patient and explained by a counsellor each time. The inpatients are looked after by qualified and trained nurses and supervised by supervisors. The medical waste is disposed of as per the Pollution Control Board requirements. The patient appointments for meeting consultants could also be obtained by visiting our website at www.arthurasirvathamhospital.org. This is the only institution which has medical representative appointments fixed through the website. The Diabetes wing was started in 1990 and now functions with a full fledged Dietary department, Podiatry, counseling, Physiotherapy departments. The Professional service of Surgical Specialist, obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Diabetologist, Pediatrician, Oncologist, Anaesthesiologist, Orthopaedic surgeon are available full time and other Specialities have part time / visiting consultants. This hospital is manned 24 hours by five duty doctors and 45 paramedical and administrative staffs. Regular major surgeries including Abdominal pelvic resection, Whipple ‘s procedure, Gynaec surgeries are being performed. Medical and Paediatric cases are being treated with success. Latest Laproscope and accessories are also available. Laproscopic procedures and infertility evaluation and treatment are also undertaken. Antenatal care and monitoring of patients in labour with utmost care of the consultants & nurses with Cardio Tocograph monitoring facilities & neonatal resuscitation facilities are available.

The out-patient senses is around 120 cases / day for the various specialties and diabetic cases is about 75 cases / day except Sundays. The specialty of this hospital since inception is conservation of limbs in injuries and diabetic foot patients. Among the 50,000 diabetic registered patients only about 45 had to undergo below knee amputation: Mostly a liberal Incision and Drainage, Disarticulations, faciotomy are performed and major amputations are averted. Orthotic consultations are obtained and artificial limbs have been supplied to the amputees. MCR/MCP slippers are made to order for most diabetic patients.

Our institution is recognized by various organizations like

  1. Star Health Allied Insurance Company Limited
  2. Family Health Plan Limited
  3. T.T.K. Health Service Private Limited
  4. National Textile Corporation
  5. Good Health Plan Limited
  6. Vipul Medcorp Private Limited
  7. Rothshield Healthcare (TPA) Service Limited
  8. Health India Limited
  9. BSNL
  10. India Health Card
  11. Star Health
  12. Airport authorities of India

In a nut shell this hospital started by Dr. A. A. Asirvatham in a philanthropic motive delivers the best health care, excelling in the quality of health care and leads in the academic frontier and rendering best service to the patients, at the most affordable cost and community at large.

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To provide truly World Class health care to diabetic patients at nominal charges.To provide free service to the poor and needy diabetic patients.To carry out research on diabetes and related complications so as to improve the treatment of diabetic patients and also to determine strategies to prevent diabetes and its complications.To train doctors, paramedical personnel, scientists and students on various aspects of diabetes health care and research.

The Unique vision of the founder Prof. A. A. Asirvatham,MD., FRCS., is to have a human touch blended with quality care in a affordable cost. Being a multi Speciality Hospital, all kinds of diseases are treated here. from pediatric emergencies, vaccination, growth and development assessment, inter current infection and surgical management of congenital anomalies like hypospadiasis. As children grow up to adolescent age group, menstrual problems and diseases like primary amenorrhea and type 1 diabetes are also treated. Marriage counseling is done for type 1 diabetic patients, infertility problems are also evaluated and treated. Surgical problems like hernia, hydrocoel to major abdominal surgeries open as well as laparoscopic surgery is performed painless Labour, and all medical emergencies are tackled in ICU. Two Air conditioned operation theatres take care of the elective and emergency surgeries Septic cases in separate theatre deal with foot injections, abscess I & D etc. Special care for diabetic patients ranging from screening, prevention to tertiary care is available. Computerized report and prescription is given to every patient. Cancer screening and complete treatment for cancer cases are done. infertility workup is at it best with qualified and trained personale . Inbuilt pharmacy, X-ray, Scan, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and foot wear department makes it possible to manage most if not all diseases. A good ambience in A/c waiting Hall, a patient tracking system to inform the patient the present status of their various station of checkup and disposal keeps the patient follow what is going on towards their complete checkup. The inpatients facilities include A/c and Non A/c rooms, common ward, an Air conditioned Intensive care unit, A/c Labour Room with Baby resuitation unit, phototherapy and warmer facilities. Central oxygen supply, bed lift facilities makes the transportation of patients comfortable. 24 hours water supply and hot water facilities are available along with uninterrupted power supply all through. They are looked after by qualified nurses and doctors round the clock. Emergency surgeries caesarean section can be done anytime. Ambulance facilities at request is also available. The location of the hospital right at the Eastern end of Anna Bus stand makes patients coming in and going out of this hospital even by bus at any time. The hospital is an empaneled institution of many of the insurance companies like….. various Consultants visit this hospital, cardiologist, Neurologist, Gastoenterologist, Paediatrician, orthopaedic surgeon, Thoraic Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon, ENT specialist, Ophthalmologist, contribute to the quality care of this hospital. Patient Education Programme are conducted daily. particulars for diabetic patients where in they are taught about diabetes, injection techniques, blood sugar testing etc. patients who do a master checkup are given a free glucometer to aid the best diabetes care. As the hospital has celebrated its 40th Anniversary, most of the equipments have been replaced with newer equipments. Thus this “Old is Gold” institution has been completely renovated to complete any new hospital of its cadre, ultimately delivering the quality care with newer technological advantage, however with the same old tradition of human touch.